from such great heights

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is looking good while failing.

-gary dwyer

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thursday intermission

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she sang to me in front of campus market today (well, me and about 800 other students).

it’s reassuring to know that a woman in the music industry can be herself and still impact an audience. she can wear a black t-shirt with nerdy glasses and an adorable knitted red hat. she can stand on a stage and play the ukelele, make fun of 9-year-olds, and sing songs about mexican food.

i just want to be her friend.


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is a small irish man who wears glasses. is a landscape architect, a photographer, a sculptor, a teacher and a student. is incredibly full of himself, and probably found in the dictionary under ego (n). is my “portfolio class” professor. more like my “life design” professor. is wise with many years and wrinkles beneath him. cusses freely and shamelessly (see first statement). refers to certain design elements as “sexy.” wears knitted sweaters like grandfathers do. announces “caffeine break” religiously at 10 am on tuesdays and thursdays. is, in fact, a firm believer in the powers of caffeine. speaks in declarative sentences, as one who sees the world in black and white. exposes secrets of adobe programs, of cal poly bureaucracy, of being focused and where it will get you.

i like him.

life; currently

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san luis obispo is full

1. one-hour windows of sunlight
2. my feet hurt from wearing rainboots
3. love tiny reflecting pools

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something about the rain

Posted in life by chapwoman on January 17, 2010

_makes me listen to Coldplay on repeat.

_makes me a hermit. though i have places to be and people to see tonight, i am much more content in here. (don’t worry…i’ll come out soon.)

_draws me to these ladies:

(if not for their voices, definitely for their unmasked beauty.)

_empowers me to overcome procrastination.

_makes me feel at home in my own skin.