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confessions of a blog reader

Posted in life by chapwoman on December 13, 2009

this is because i am an avid blog reader. because i have about ten sites on my regular blogroll–this roll including design*sponge, materialicious, and the personal blogs of friends.  this is because i care most about the latter, because i am home without school as distraction or scapegoat for passivity, because i am far away from you and wish i could be closer.

just imagine me without make-up sitting in front of the camera on this one:

albertconfession: your blog makes me laugh out loud more than any other. maybe it’s your honesty or sheer genius of choosing the most-overlooked blog topics (i can’t wait for more “french opinion” posts).  i am so glad that you decided to join the blogging community because we can keep tabs on each other in a nonstalkerish sort of way…haha

annaconfession: your blog leaves me speechless. this is why i do not comment as much as i would like–usually there is no justifiable response to the incredible stories you tell, to the unspeakable sites you’ve seen, or the impoverished people you’ve met on your journey.  not gonna lie, i won’t know how to respond when we reunite either…but i am beyond excited for your return home! please tell me you’ll be continue blogging after your “at sea” adventure ends; you are too gifted a writer to stop now.

christinaconfession: your blog leaves me curious. you deleted some posts for some unknown reasons. and the posts you don’t delete leave me with questions that i sometimes ask you. but i like it this way, because your spoken words are less ambiguous than your written ones  :]

grantconfession: i look to your blog for a new point-of-view. though your posts are seemingly random and far, few, and in-between, i seek them out for something new.  and your one-liners could mean anything; though they are probably lyrics.

jessiconfession: your blog makes me feel smarter. i’m pretty sure the education i get while reading your posts is just as insightful (if not moreso) than any art history lecture i would receive at the university level (and it’s no mystery because your intelligence is unmatched).   i love seeing new paintings and reading your descriptions/reasons of choice for each one.  though we are 3000 miles apart, i feel more connected to you by just reading your words.  if you ever decide to start a fashion blog, it would be EPIC.  jcrew EPIC.

kamiconfession: your blog focuses my eyes on the Lord. you write posts as though you are telling me your prayer requests (and sometimes, you are) so i know exactly what to pray for and what to ask about the next time we hang out. i wish you would write more because as busy as the both of us are, i love reading about little things that happen in your week.

lyssiaconfession: your blog makes me feel as though we’re having a conversation over coffee. i love how free you are when you write–it’s like you’re jotting down thoughts in your private journal and i get a front-row spot to reading about God, personal conflict, and life’s little epiphanies. keep writing, woman — you are incredibly insightful.

maleesa — confession: found your blog.

marconfession: i frequent your blog(s) most. i read it (them?) about twice a day in hopes of catching the most private of posts that you delete a few hours later.  sometimes i feel guilty reading your words because i ought to know you better than i do. (or ought i? we talked about this a couple days ago…) your posts are in a word, refreshing. 100% honest and 100% mysterious, how on earth do you get away with this?  also, i am a huge fan of your lists.

shaylaconfession: your blog inspires me. not that i ran a 13.1 mile race after you did or that i write down verses from your blog to post around my room as motivation. the truth is that you live in utah and i can still be inspired by your passion for the Lord and for life.  but Shayla, girl, i miss you deeply.

and then the lights dim…

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