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time lapse

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December 31, 1999

I was eleven years old. In Ms. Clarke’s fifth grade class at Grace Christian School. I wore Roxy t-shirts with shorts and Adidas. Probably my third pair. Hair pulled back in a messy bun. Played my first season of basketball and loved it. Read every page of The Chronicles of Narnia. Got a keyboard for Christmas and did not play it as much as I should have. “Will 2K” and “Party Like it’s 1999” were playing on the radio on the way to Kayla’s house. Fear of Y2K everywhere. Everywhere.

December 31, 2009

I am twenty-one years old. In my third year of architecture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I wear cardigans with scarves and Rainbow sandals. One of three pairs. Wavy hair from when I wake up. Ran my first race longer than a 5k and loved it. Read every page of The Fountainhead. Got a Denali fleece for Christmas and will wear the crap out of it. “Bad Romance” and “Empire State of Mind” were playing on the radio this morning. Fear of adulthood. All the time.

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goal for the month
rinse all significance from these

ocean and a rock // lisa hannigan
two tongues // the swell season
sort of // ingrid michaelson
the hardest part // coldplay
now. now. // st. vincent
teeth // lisa hannigan
blindsided // bon iver


she must

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oh hi.

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be still

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These three weeks are exactly what I needed. Without the stress of school weighing on my shoulders, I have time to think–to sit with these thoughts that get so easily mangled into emotions by an unforgiving schedule. I have time to write, to really write, and to read, and to paint. I have time to be still. I have time to release everything in conversations with dear friends, the ones who know me best, who pray for the best.  I have time to invest in people and remember why investing in them is so imperative. Because there is a me who exists so heavily outside of school, I need these three weeks as a reminder.

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ok, so i lied. i’m not compleeeeeetely done with my florence essay.
i am cursed by the “delete” key.
i am a perfectionist.


this week is dedicated to friends
made of gold.


lyrics are starting to pour out, and
they will be recorded.


there must be something in french pressed coffee…
3 bathroom breaks in an hour?!



“everything has its time”
i thought about this on the way home tonight
that some friendships are seasonal
that some are destined to be
and i understand now
they come,
they go.

it has been quite a year