from such great heights

leaving studio early was an excellent decision

Posted in life by chapwoman on November 18, 2009

this place is absolutely wonderful. a living room of sorts, home to english majors who write ten-page papers about poets, home to math majors who play chess-like games i have never heard of, home to architecture students who need an escape from flourescently-lit studio cages.

i feel no judgement here, and i feel no inclination to judge because this place catches people at all stages of life — a pastor and his children chat one table away from a college couple clad in black. i am thoroughly impressed.

because the architecture here is not impressive at all.

once-white paint is aging into a respectable yellow, the windows are boasting with their unfinished wood moldings, and these light fixtures were undoubtedly purchased from a 1970’s sear’s catalog. the wood flooring is an exception. it has aged well, echoing the sound of foot steps in the way i’m sure God designed our feet to sound–we are all travelers with agendas, and yet we all wander without any real clue.

how do you design a place as wonderful as this: a place that catches restless five-year-olds and studious graduate students, coffee lovers and tea lovers, happy-go-lucky chatterboxes and somber space cadets? we are all caught and content here, by an architecture that is subtle and an architecture that instantly induces “at home” nostalgia.

it is whispering incredible secrets.


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