from such great heights


Posted in life by chapwoman on November 9, 2009

the heart is such a complex organ. it beats x times a day, pumping blood through x vessels to keep us breathing in and out, in and out. it thumps a little faster when nerves shake out of their places. and it swells so large that we can feel it in our throats, feeling pain as we swallow on days when swallowing is all we can do.

then there’s the mind.  now that organ, that is infinitely complex. i will never understand it, not even my own, not with the passing of years and not with the continual stream of people I encounter.  how it can be so high up one day and so far below the next will be a constant mystery to me.  how the mental pendulum can be described “bipolar” or “moody” or “perfectly normal” will also be a constant mystery to me, a fine line we walk each and every time we breathe in and out. in and out.


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