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raindrops on roses

Posted in life by chapwoman on November 29, 2009

i just flipped my calendar to the month of December.
Because let’s be honest, November–you are kind of a joke.

let there be hot cocoa and sufjan stevens christmas songs and hand-made greeting cards.

{photo via i.anton}

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on procrastination & when i used to avoid it.

Posted in life by chapwoman on November 28, 2009

well, that didn’t take me an unnecessarily long time to write 500 words about “why i want to study abroad in Florence” now did it?  apparently two years of AP Composition taught me nothing about writing 3 essays in less than 3 hours.

i wish so much sometimes that i were still a junior taking AP Lit & Composition. life consisted of ASB, outfits decided for me via tasteful OA polo,  and lots and lots of reading.

…now back to autocad.

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come down now

Posted in life by chapwoman on November 25, 2009

i am thankful for friends who put up with me.
i am high-strung, i am high-maintenance, and i care too much about the wrong things.

but i am working on it.

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a change of pace.

Posted in life by chapwoman on November 23, 2009

i’m ready for one.

it’s a good thing family time and home-made food and my cushiony bed are just two days away.

and as fall quarter comes to a close, i’m not sure how to feel about it.
was it good? whole-heartedly.
was it bad? definitely.
was it both? inevitably.
at this point, fall 2009 is a conglomeration of people and emotions and things left undone.

i will elaborate in three weeks.


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this isn’t helping my scarf obsession.

Posted in life by chapwoman on November 21, 2009

[via: plain_made]