from such great heights


Posted in life by chapwoman on October 22, 2009

is what we spoke of once;
a loneliness fueled by work
by lost time
by lost mind.

You told me you’ve been lonely
in conversation shaped by shadows and ampersands
as vague and unsure as the life within your hands.
And when I asked how it felt,
where you’d been,
dark tremors you’d been dealt,
you made a sound
that sounded something
like crying.

But don’t tell me you’re lonely now
not with those words
not with those verbs that amount
to nothing.
they are nothing.
because those lyrics you sing–
all they do is rhyme
with names
that sound nothing like mine.
Don’t droop your head like that
not with headphones pegged in your ears
and tiredness shaping your tears
because the curtain closed
long ago
when you shut out open arms,
a refuge from your fears.


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