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Posted in life by chapwoman on October 19, 2009

If you grew up in the Chapman Family you would know that your birthday is extremely important. It is one day set apart from 364 others when you are meant to feel loved, celebrated, and slightly embarrassed when 4 to 5 waiters sing to you over a candle-lit ice-cream sundae.  This one day unlike the other 364, literally feels different, almost as though it isn’t really happening and you’re dreaming all the “happy birthday!” greetings and the sight of a present-blanketed table.  The love on I feel on October 18th always seems overwhelming and undeserved, though gracefully reassuring.

here are some snapshots from my weekend adventures:

on the road down south.

what we do best: thrifting.

lunch at miguel’s in coronado

hotel coronado

extraordinary desserts with friends old and new

la creperie with la familia

successful 21st–if i do say so myself

For my friends with upcoming birthdays (especially those of you turning 21) be excited.  This year’s gonna be sweet.

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