from such great heights


Posted in life by chapwoman on October 29, 2009


took my first stab at furniture design this week. what was a worn and weathered door is now a functional and sleek coffee table.

come check out the vellum show downtown tomorrow night!

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sometimes you need to “de-friend” in order to be a friend.

Posted in life by chapwoman on October 24, 2009

this is not a post about “why facebook will ruin your life” (because it won’t) and this is not a post about “why you should get rid of your facebook” (because maybe you shouldn’t).  this post is, however, a formal response to the recent question “Kayla, did you delete your facebook?”


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majestic hues

Posted in life by chapwoman on October 23, 2009

i am convinced that man will never be able to replicate the shade of yellow i saw above the hills this morning. there’s just no way.  no combination of six-digit hex codes, no mixture of the best oil paints, no boolean tools in expensive computer programs could ever out-render the glorious work of His hands.

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Posted in life by chapwoman on October 22, 2009

is what we spoke of once;
a loneliness fueled by work
by lost time
by lost mind.

You told me you’ve been lonely
in conversation shaped by shadows and ampersands
as vague and unsure as the life within your hands.
And when I asked how it felt,
where you’d been,
dark tremors you’d been dealt,
you made a sound
that sounded something
like crying.

But don’t tell me you’re lonely now
not with those words
not with those verbs that amount
to nothing.
they are nothing.
because those lyrics you sing–
all they do is rhyme
with names
that sound nothing like mine.
Don’t droop your head like that
not with headphones pegged in your ears
and tiredness shaping your tears
because the curtain closed
long ago
when you shut out open arms,
a refuge from your fears.

on productivity

Posted in life by chapwoman on October 20, 2009

to summarize my experience in studio this quarter

Me: Brian, are you working right now?

Brian: Kayla, what would I be working on?