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pieces, peaces, peace is

Posted in life by chapwoman on September 4, 2009

it’s mysterious how that room always glows. skies clouded or clear, that room glows in a transparent shade of yellow which smells of tuberose from the farmers’ market.

five opaque figures move about the room–all in their distinct places.  she in the knee-length skirt and fitted tee oscillates right-to-left, right-to-left, in front of cabinets, oven, and mixer. depending on the day, she shares enthusiastically about her time at the office or a new recipe on her “to-bake” list or an awkward encounter with the neighbor boy, shaping her stories with little giggles.  and her in a hand-made sundress bops up and down to the beat of the Black-Eyed Peas as she sets silverware and plates in five places on a wooden dinner table. she wears an invisible apron along with that smile for hours upon hours.  While he with a cap turned backwards entertains us with his boyish chuckle and paramedic jokes, the best kind of jokes.  And him, the tall him, rests near the counter with arms folded across his chest and smirk across his face as he mentions something about road bikes…mountain bikes…tennis rackets…and of course, thai boat. he and him exchange laughs and understood glances, passing some onto me as I hum softly and pour ourselves mugs of strong coffee. as if we really need it.  it is in that room filled with clinking pots and streaming conversation that the five of us coexisted, moving with our distinct roles and traits–the way family members do.

and it is in that room where i felt fragments of the Lord’s unfailing love. i heard whispers of a joyful choir. and i rested in temporary moments of a permanent peace–a peace He’s saving for us in His Kingdom.

it’s mysterious how He always glows.


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  1. anna said, on September 5, 2009 at 10:35 am

    hi dear friend. thank you for your comments on my blog! everytime i read one, i get this huge smile on my face thinking of you and me and our bus rides to church on sunday mornings or our breakfast dates just chatting about life. i miss you. i don’t have the internet access to check blogs all that often, but when i do (which is when i’m ported in a developed country) i promise i will drop in and leave you some love. wishing you only the best as september has begun.

    love always,

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