from such great heights


Posted in life by chapwoman on September 28, 2009

third year feels heavier.

heavier than college applications.
heavier than “yes” or “no” answers.
heavier than a mind full of knowledge.

heavier: a pressure to define who i am and who i have yet to become.

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nicely done, gentlemen.

Posted in life by chapwoman on September 24, 2009


i really, really hope you’ll be hiring when i graduate.

the city to the sea

Posted in life by chapwoman on September 24, 2009

i have hated it all my life.  i hated it when i was a child, so i rollerbladed instead.  i hated it when i was a teenager, so i skipped cross-country try-outs and looked toward the basketball court instead. i hated it last year, so i biked and gave lame excuses for using the elliptical at the gym (though it’s my favorite workout…you glide!), instead .

so i can only point to the Lord who is responsible for this sudden, blue-moon urge of mine. on October 11th, I, Kayla Rochelle Chapman, will be running a half-marathon (that’s 13.1 miles, people) from a small park in San Luis Obispo to the beautiful Shell Beach south of here. if you don’t know me, just trust that this will be pushing my physical limits. but training has been going amazing (!) these past three weeks and with only one bump in the road so far, all I can do is praise God. He cracks me up.  Kayla Chapman. 13.1 miles. ha.

have i felt a runner’s high? no.
have i felt blisters and sore legs? uh huh.
have i learned to like something i have always hated? YES.

it’s funny because running seems sooooo boring, even when i think about it now.  but if you can believe it, it’s actually exciting–when you realize that cars become noisy colors blurring by you on the highway, that nothing matters except your trust in the One who gives you strength, that you can and will do anything if you put your mind to it.  i’m telling you, it is possible.

i put up with the leg cramps and the sore knees, i put up with the side-aches and the dry throats, all quelling to the final mile when I can appreciate the san luis landscape and when I can appreciate this body that I have never truly been proud of. i think these thoughts are called endorphins.

or miracles.

please be praying for me, friends. i will need it in a couple of weeks.

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Posted in life by chapwoman on September 15, 2009

september is especially wonderful for this reason.

more to be said later, i promise.


Posted in life by chapwoman on September 9, 2009

so apparently the Chapman family is being stalked–by the neighbors.  how do we know?  see for yourself:


frank and bobby have lived across the street since i was little, always keeping safe eyes on our neighborhood to make sure nothing fishy was going on, that no creepers be lurking in the bushes (cuz this is anaheim afterall). they once called the police on my new babysitter.  they’re hardcore. 

so now that they are in their 80’s, let’s just say they’re going a wee-bit crazy.

while my dad was washing his car on friday afternoon, gray-haired bobby (bless her heart) came over to say “hello” and gave him the above picture that she took a few months ago while he was teaching karly how to wash her car. ummmmmmmm, ok? hmmmm. ok.  in my mind, this is completely normal because we’ve lived around their abnormalities for about 20 years now.

mom still thinks its creepy.

but it’s kind of endearing to know that if we were celebrities, this would totally make People Magazine’s “they’re just like us!” section.