from such great heights

item #2

Posted in life by chapwoman on August 24, 2009

as i try to wean myself off this caffeine addiction, i keep daydreaming about the most perfectly brewed cup of black-bean-goodness.  this cup would be made by a coffee-lover for sure, by someone who knows what treasure they are concocting, possibly by a peet’s employee.  this cup would produce a warm waft of steam and smell so heavenly that non-coffee drinkers would second-guess themselves. and this cup would be the miraculous product of this.  not that i want one or anything…


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  1. anna said, on August 25, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    so good to chat last night, my dear friend. i will miss you much! perhaps by the time i return you’ll have conquered this little caffeine addiction of yours. ; )
    love always,

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