from such great heights


Posted in life by chapwoman on August 21, 2009

will be undergoing surgery & come home like new. i wish you could see this smile on my face.
:]              (that will have to do, cyberworld.)

my poor, poor bicycle will be undergoing an examination as well. dad will take a look at her tomorrow–rust, clickety-clicks, screeches and all. i guess a “tune-up” is what they call it, but seriously, I’d give that thing one more year of campus-cruising before it quits on me.

maggie pro is back in my arms (AGAIN). four trips to the apple store since february. what the deal?! it’s not like i throw the computer around my room or drag it through the dirt…though i’m sure the apple geniuses would accuse me of such crimes. please maggie, just promise me you’ll make it through these five years in school.  that’s all i ask!

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