from such great heights

i should just move to seattle already

Posted in life by chapwoman on August 11, 2009

it’s 4:45 on a summer afternoon and you know what i really want right now?
a cup of coffee.

who have i become?!

when i first moved into the house and found out that Juli made a pot of coffee almost every morning, my heart skipped a beat.  there’s just something so splendid about waking up and breathing in the wonderful combination of hazelnut and coffee grounds.

but this, this has become worse than seattle: a cup in the morning to get me through the day, a cup in the afternoon to get me through the snacking tendencies, and a cup in the evening to relax me with its warmth.  seriously, people. this needs to stop (eventually).

my skin has been breaking out more than usual lately too, probably a side effect of this addiction.  more coffee = less water consumption = dehydration = kayla’s face breaks out like she’s hormonal.

we’ll see how long i can keep up with this lifestyle with my poor caffeine-addicted brain cells and rose-garden of a face.


post script: today i unsubscribed from arch daily; my creativity will thank me later.
post POST script: alaska will be here tomorrow :]

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