from such great heights

joshua 1:9

Posted in life by chapwoman on August 28, 2009

the Lord is everywhere, but why do i forget that?

it’s like i sub-consciously assume He’s only around when I go to church, open my bible, see a sunset. but He’s not — He is everywhere.

i drove down to Montana de Oro today to chat with Him, and realized as i was staring at His ocean that i forget about Him sometimes. ok, a LOT of the time. but why do i have to drive out to the sea to have a decent conversation with my maker? why can’t i do that at the dinner table? when i pick up my guitar? before i brush my teeth at night?

if only i treated every moment like i treat my time in Montana de Oro, things would be so much simpler.  just like He designed them to be. these daily tasks and chores i complain about would become nothing if i only remembered to remember Him, remember that He is God, remember that He is in control, and remember that I am not.


one hundred degrees

Posted in life by chapwoman on August 28, 2009

i was wondering when san luis obispo would catch up with the rest of california’s summer.

i guess it’s today.

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item #2

Posted in life by chapwoman on August 24, 2009

as i try to wean myself off this caffeine addiction, i keep daydreaming about the most perfectly brewed cup of black-bean-goodness.  this cup would be made by a coffee-lover for sure, by someone who knows what treasure they are concocting, possibly by a peet’s employee.  this cup would produce a warm waft of steam and smell so heavenly that non-coffee drinkers would second-guess themselves. and this cup would be the miraculous product of this.  not that i want one or anything…

snapshot of my weekend

Posted in life by chapwoman on August 23, 2009


Posted in life by chapwoman on August 21, 2009

will be undergoing surgery & come home like new. i wish you could see this smile on my face.
:]              (that will have to do, cyberworld.)

my poor, poor bicycle will be undergoing an examination as well. dad will take a look at her tomorrow–rust, clickety-clicks, screeches and all. i guess a “tune-up” is what they call it, but seriously, I’d give that thing one more year of campus-cruising before it quits on me.

maggie pro is back in my arms (AGAIN). four trips to the apple store since february. what the deal?! it’s not like i throw the computer around my room or drag it through the dirt…though i’m sure the apple geniuses would accuse me of such crimes. please maggie, just promise me you’ll make it through these five years in school.  that’s all i ask!

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