from such great heights

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Posted in life by chapwoman on July 23, 2009


i want a journal to write all my thoughts in,
a place to jot today’s little discoveries,
to etch my unspoken hopes and dreams,
to make shapes with ideas that seem intangible.

i want a place to house my conversations:
discussions that may never be
but are, because I write them fictitiously
hoping they become realities
when the world starts turning again.
and then discussions with my rootless self,
exploring my possibilities of climbing trees that don’t yet exist
but will — eventually.
and discussions with my Creator
about His divine order of things
and still,
disorder I breathe in a cloud of gold and green.

this journal will hold the “to-be-written” lyrics to my “to-be-written” love songs
and it will keep secrets where they belong

but i don’t have a journal like this;
i don’t even have enough change to buy one
or to sustain one.

so there, it shall sit
for now —
on a birthday list.

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  1. ALASKAAAAA said, on July 30, 2009 at 6:07 pm

    lined or blank???

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