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Posted in life by chapwoman on July 8, 2009

so i know i’ve been kind of quiet about this summer so far, but don’t be fooled: it’s been FULL OF LIFE. i never planned on staying in san luis for a summer [because you all know how i like to go go go], but it has been such a blessing to be here and just [no pun intended] slow down. i’m surrounded by blooming friendships, beautifully blue skies, and lots of glorious minutes to spend doing whatever.

allow me to introduce the lovely friends/roommates who are responsible for this splendid summer:

meet Juli:

this woman is FIERCE:  she runs marathons. she is a “personal assistant.” she entertains me with her sleep-walking episodes. she bakes more than anyone i’ve ever met and probably will meet. she is full of life, love, and the Spirit…and i absolutely adore her.






meet SAM:

she is a total sweetheart. she paints pretty pictures and never stops smiling. her closet overflows with adorable “can i borrow that?” tops and and she plays the best pandora stations i’ve ever heard. she teaches swim lessons. she enjoys big cups of tea. she is also full of love, encouragement, and His wisdom. and again, i absolutely adore her.




so far, summer has consisted of them and many other wonderful things. long-lost friends, encouraging phone calls, thrift store explorations, coffee dates, breakfast dates, spontaneous drives to secret places, jam sessions, and lots and lots of singing.

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  1. partner for life said, on July 12, 2009 at 6:50 pm

    its greattttttttt to see you are enjoying life to its fullest potential. cause girl, thats what life should be like =)

    they sound like great girls! god is good

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