from such great heights

when you are away

Posted in life by chapwoman on June 27, 2009

she breathes softly. she exhales summer breezes and shines summer sunshine for the few souls that actually stroll on sidewalks and linger in the courtyard of engineering west.  though Cal Poly is less crowded during the summer, she keeps breathing; breathing the buzzing of jack-hammers in the UU plaza, the footsteps of families guiding themselves from building to building, and the rustling of trees which line the paths where noisy pedestrians usually gather.

surprisingly, students still rush to class when they’re ten minutes late, the parking police still make their rounds in the library parking lot at noon, and campus market still sells tri-tip sandwiches at lunchtime.

the weather seems nicer though…but maybe it’s because i can actually enjoy the sunshine, rather than coop myself up in studio every afternoon of monday, wednesday, and friday.  and there is less traffic: perfect for a bike-riding citizen like myself.  staying in san luis for the summer isn’t as bad at all, not with these sunsets and these random jam sessions and these days without obligations.  not bad at all.


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