from such great heights

highlights from the past seven days

Posted in life by chapwoman on May 26, 2009







summer, i want you.


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in five weeks…

Posted in life by chapwoman on May 4, 2009

i will have all the time in the world to read books this summer. real books, not textbooks. books written by the passionate bradbury, steinbeck, austen, and the like.

yay for minute discoveries.


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the widening gyre

Posted in life by chapwoman on May 2, 2009


i am in studio at 9:55 on a saturday morning. but this is where i should be on this gloomy, but slightly refreshing saturday morning.

a lot has happened in the past three weeks. so much actually, that i haven’t had time to jot down my thoughts or reflect or measure where I’m at with all of it.  ok, i’m lying…i have had time. i just hesitate to tell the world how i’m really doing when things fall apart. i hesitate to say that i’m not going to spain after all this summer, that things with my family are sucking pretty hard, that some important people are letting me down left and right.

but despite the rolling disappointments, i’m still smiling. God’s been holding my hand through all of this, teaching me that His plan is so much bigger than mine, that grace is my next lesson to learn, that even though people will let me down, He never will.

so i’m just gonna sit here and hum while I paint. and be refreshed.


ps. woolfie, I really hope you’re reading this, because you are an angel and a source of inspiration.
pss. if you can guess why i chose the title of this post, 1000 bonus points for you.