from such great heights

feel the grass beneath your feet

Posted in life by chapwoman on April 1, 2009

spring has put a smile on my face.

it’s kind of an oxymoron for Cal Poly and Spring Quarter to exist in one sentence, because let’s be honest, who really wants to be in a classroom with weather like this? cal poly, why must you torture us?!  I appreciate the apologetic Tuesday holiday yesterday, but that’s not gonna cut it.  Sunshine will be on my brain for the next 3 months.

everything’s fitting into a comfortable schedule that does not inspire fear or anxiety like the schedules of my past two quarters…so snaps for that.  spanish composition might be my biggest hurdle this quarter, but it’s great prep for a summer in Spain.  studio couldn’t be better with an amazingly cohesive group of classmates, passionate instructor, and a project that i’m really stoked about (more on this later).  friendships sail smoothly and bible studies excite me…what else could God bless me with?

A: EASTER. and chocolate.

c’est la vie,


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