from such great heights

the world spins madly on

Posted in life by chapwoman on April 23, 2009

the world is moving too fast for me these days.
too fast for me to stop and think about it
and think about things that are changing
and thoughts that are clouding me
and relationships that are losing flavor
and relationships that taste sweeter everyday.
i can keep up with how the world spins:
i can go here
and do this
and be that,
but i can’t reflect in a rush;
i can’t sit with my thoughts these days.

but when i finally do, i’ll clue you in.
no worries.
c’est la vie,

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square one

Posted in life by chapwoman on April 12, 2009

flickr is onto something. it has successfully coined the term “interestingness,” which is simply a measurement of how intriguing someone’s uploaded photo is.  usually the images with high “interestingness” grab my eye for the composition or the rawness or the details that average viewers gloss over.  these images get to the heart of the subject, portraying something so simply, that beauty has nowhere to go but outward.  these images inspire me. they inspire me to seek this level of “interestingness” in my own life.

i have two scholarship essays looming over my head this week…and do i want write them? pssh. suuuuuuure. i love writing about myself and what i want to do “when i grow up” (because I know exACTly what that is at 20 years old).  though it’s  a tedious task writing about my career goals and what i want to contribute to the world in this lifetime, scholarship season truly brings me back to square one: why am i pursuing architecture?


i am fascinated by design, that creating something essentially comes from a place in my mind that i don’t even know exists.  i am fascinated that an idea springs up from some corner of my imagination, and  i can draw that idea on a piece of paper, and i can talk about it as though it exists, and i can put my hands on materials to physically build that idea for others to see with me. that is why i am pursuing architecture.  not because i have this beautiful picture of what my life looks like or because i want to contribute some novel idea to the world, but because i know deep down in my soul exists a passion that i can’t even wrap my mind around.  there is so much “interestingness” in the world around us.  i just want to build more of it.

unfortunately, i have to keep reminding myself that this is why I am in school, this is why God gave me my passion and talent.  my love for design often gets clouded by project deadlines and what “cool” architecture looks like and what rendering programs i need to install in order to be “successful.”  but the truth is, “interestingness” stands out in design no matter what the medium.  if i manage to create something interesting while i’m here at cal poly, then i think i’ll be onto something too.

c’est la vie,

you would too if you had pillows this soft…

Posted in life by chapwoman on April 11, 2009

my parents probably think i’m an insomniac while i’m at school, because when i come home, all i do is. sleep.  either my bed is too wonderfully cushiony and soft for me to resist, or i am in fact, sleep deprived.


ps. lisa hannigan has officially won me over. i wanna move to where she lives so i can be inspired like her.

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feel the grass beneath your feet

Posted in life by chapwoman on April 1, 2009

spring has put a smile on my face.

it’s kind of an oxymoron for Cal Poly and Spring Quarter to exist in one sentence, because let’s be honest, who really wants to be in a classroom with weather like this? cal poly, why must you torture us?!  I appreciate the apologetic Tuesday holiday yesterday, but that’s not gonna cut it.  Sunshine will be on my brain for the next 3 months.

everything’s fitting into a comfortable schedule that does not inspire fear or anxiety like the schedules of my past two quarters…so snaps for that.  spanish composition might be my biggest hurdle this quarter, but it’s great prep for a summer in Spain.  studio couldn’t be better with an amazingly cohesive group of classmates, passionate instructor, and a project that i’m really stoked about (more on this later).  friendships sail smoothly and bible studies excite me…what else could God bless me with?

A: EASTER. and chocolate.

c’est la vie,