from such great heights

studio makes me reflect

Posted in life by chapwoman on March 10, 2009

there are some things that i deeply love and some things that i deeply dislike.  i’ve started realizing exactly what they are, compartmentalizing them in my mind, because let’s be honest–spending too much time in studio leaves you in a bubble with your classmates, your project, and your thoughts.  for instance, this is what i’ve realized in the past two weeks:

i love…

harmonizing to whatever song is playing.  if architecture doesn’t work out, i will definitely sign up to be one of beyonce’s background singers.

mornings with warm coffee and soft, velvety foam


sunshine on a chilly day

praying/chatting with God when I run

singing along to every song in The Sound of Music while drawing floor plans

having friends surprise me in studio, then surprising them with cookies in return

girlscout cookies

and i dislike…

apple-cinnamon oatmeal.  it just doesn’t do it for me.

being awake past 12 am. for 7 days straight.

making my lunch in the morning before work because i was too tired to do it the night before

slashing my regular exercise schedule

knowing that my friends are having a blast without me

good thing dead week only happens once a quarter.  until next time,



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  1. bj said, on March 11, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    i miss you.

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