from such great heights

the logic board.

Posted in life by chapwoman on February 28, 2009

That is the dreaded diagnosis for a macbook that won’t awake from its sleep.  Maggie Pro fell into a coma Thursday night (30 minutes before I left San Luis Obispo) and she has yet to be revived.  So I’ll sit here and wait. (until Monday morning when the doctors at Apple do their thing).  And I’ll let my website go unfinished until next week and I’ll let my study abroad application sit in a dormant “documents” folder and I’ll have to decide what my fingers can do without a keyboard to tip-tap. 

I think it’s good for me to wait

because dear friends, I am ashamed with how I’ve become so dependent on technology.  Granted, it’s 2009…if people aren’t dependent on technology by now, they are probably living in a forest somewhere without electricity.  But I was sadly reminded on Thursday that technology is puzzling and frustrating and will do what it wants, regardless of what we want.  Macbooks will do what they want, regardless of your website project that’s due in a week.  I was reminded that I am not in control and that I will never be completely in control.  But my Creator is, so I can rest in the truth.  And wait for a new logic board.  

c’est la vie,

ps. i know i haven’t written in a while and there really aren’t any valid excuses i can come up with. but once Maggie Pro is up and running again, be expecting.


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