from such great heights

what you may not know…

Posted in life by chapwoman on February 6, 2009

1. the amount of sips i got out from my morning cup of coffee before dropping it on the sidewalk in complete shame & embarrassment.  :[

2. i exchanged my goldie-locks for brunette ones…and i won’t be going back for a very long time. if ever.

3. exercising has slowly become my friend again, despite a hectic schedule. brita, erin, and i are frequenting cal poly’s gym MUCH more this quarter.

4. i will be studying the lovely language of espanol in spain this summer.

5. thanks to christian, i’ve become slightly attached/can’t stop dancing to the remix of “dream on” by robyn. listen here.

6. i’ve been chocolate-free since january 1st (going until Easter), but i’ve traded that addiction for coffee. it’s pretty pathetic how i don’t actually wake up now until i have my cup of black tar.

7. i need to make more room in my schedule for line-dancing. it’s such an underrated good-time.

8. the girls in my bible studies are blessing my life more than they will ever know.

9. the amount of hours it takes to learn how to use freaking dreamweaver. whoever created html & css really didn’t understand what “user-friendly” meant.

10. the rain this week has been a serious source of refreshment. keep it coming, keep it coming.

11. it’s brita’s birthday this weekend, therefore, we will be celebrating tonight.



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