from such great heights

from cheerios to chicken cordon bleu.

Posted in life by chapwoman on January 11, 2009

it’s kind of ridiculous how i have become a food-blog groupie.
a loyal reader.
a scavenger.
a slave.

everything just looks so good on here & here. and here.  if i liked cooking more than building models, i’d be in our little college kitchen all. the. time, whipping up concoctions with sun-dried tomatoes and pesto and feta cheese.  and if only trader joe’s sold a slightly larger assortment of spices & baking ingredients, i’d be a smidge happier.  just a smidge.

the funny thing is, I didn’t cook AT ALL in high school.  like nothing.  cereal after basketball practice and microwave-able lean cuisines were my nightly diet (so shameful…i know).  but because my roommates and I have a wonderful system of taking turns cooking dinner, and because all these food blogs grab me by the taste buds, I’ve started experimenting with as many recipes as possible.  our apartment is practically a cafe with new items on the menu every week and friends occassionally come over to indulge with us.  my roommates and I absolutely love it.

so that is why we have decided to share our meals with you.  yes, we are creating a food blog.  and we hope you are expectantly waiting for its debut!



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