from such great heights

oh, the possibilities.

Posted in life by chapwoman on January 9, 2009

i tend to make mental lists throughout my day.

“i really want to hang with her and him and him, oh, and her.”
“i should probably buy this and this, this, this…at trader joe’s.”
“that would be a great movie to rent, and possibly that. oh! and that one for sure.”

because let’s face it; sometimes lists are the only way to keep your mind in order with all these texts messages chiming in your pocket and class assignments piling up with procrastination.


today’s mental list = things i’d like to do this winter quarter. i’ll let you in on what i can remember.

_hand-paint a mug with my roommates & add it to the ever-eclectic cabinet in our apartment
_read The Case for Christ & The Autobiography of Malcom X (quite the duo, right?)
_hang out with the neighbor boys more often. there are six wonderful boys that live adjacent to us in our building and really, they’re like brothers.
_spend more time in low-key coffee shops like Linnaea’s and Blackhorse, reading paperbacks & sketching in moleskines
_turn off my headphones in studio. last quarter, i rocked out to my ipod a little too much, preventing me from really getting to know the people in my studio. my studio seems pretty lively so far, so bring on the interesting conversations & late-night laughs.
_hand-write letters/notes to friends. both silver & gold.
_listen. and wait.
_go for morning jogs with my Papa.

2009 has begun with a bang, so if these few things ease their way into the next 10 weeks, winter quarter would be nothing short of lovely.



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