from such great heights

the big dance

Posted in life by chapwoman on January 5, 2009


san luis obsipo feels a little different this time. weather’s a bit crisper, the apartment feels more like home, & friendships are starting to take flight again.  while i was pretty overwhelmed and dissatisfied during  fall quarter, i am more energized, more self-aware, more prepared for winter; and i have this gut-intuition that’s telling me this quarter’s gonna be unlike any of the previous four i’ve experienced.  i dont know how it’ll play out, but it’ll be BIG.

i was talking to my friend Luc about this: everything’s at a standstill right now, but things are gonna start unraveling this quarter.  he called it the “calm before the storm.” i described it “the anticipation you have while prepping for prom.” you know you’re gonna have fun, you know you’re gonna remember it, but you don’t know exactly how the night’s gonna unfold.  you just know it’s gonna be good.

so i’m excited, because even though strangers will become friends and new teachers will become mentors and spontaneous events will become scrapbooked memories, i still have NO CLUE how the details will sew themselves into winter quarter.  i’m just excited to dance.



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