from such great heights

the unextravagant christmas

Posted in life by chapwoman on December 25, 2008

i love:

sleeping in til 9, unwrapping presents as a family, reading Matthew & Luke on my bed, delivering hand-made chocolates to the neighbors, rain, the 91 freeway, chit-chatting at cousin Jill’s house, plowing the carbs and spinach dips, getting way too much money from relatives i only see once a year, jumping like a three-year-old during the laker game, food comas, napping in the car on the way home, backing up my files on the handy-dandy (and new) hard drive, chatting with friends via aim.

it’s been a good birthday for Jesus–i’m pretty sure He intended it to be this simple.

oh and, i’d like to experience a white christmas sometime.

so i’m moving to colorado :]

peace on earth,

ps. its days like today i wonder why i haven’t yet been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. i am such a sugar-whore.


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  1. Partner 4 life said, on January 3, 2009 at 5:25 pm

    if you move to Colorado. ill be there haaa.. cause seriously my heart is still there

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