from such great heights

please just take these photos from my hands.

Posted in life by chapwoman on December 10, 2008

this is what i know: God uses relationships to test our character.  He shapes friendships to bring out our best qualities, to build us into the people we never thought possible.  He designs romance to unravel our souls, allowing us to bloom like flowers, exposing the deepest and darkest crannies of our past. and in some way these relationships are intended to bring Him glory.

and this is what i don’t: when those relationships start pulling us down, is God telling us to discard them–untie the knots linking us to those who no longer lift us up, or never lifted us in the first place? because how can we bring Him glory when our eyes are being drawn elsewhere?  when our thoughts are consumed by “how can i fix this problem?” or “was it my fault?” I think He’s wrapping those relationships in caution tape.

unfortunately for me, i have this problem letting people go. i have a problem saying “peace out” to those who I’ve invested so much time in, even when they don’t invest time in me.  i have a problem with walking away from something that still has room to grow.  i would much rather cling to a pretty picture of someone than heed the caution tape, praying that eventually the photograph become a reality.

but this time, i see the yellow tape right in front of my face and i’m not afraid to let it go…because all things bring glory to God in some mysterious way.  friendships full of challenge and growth glorify Him.  relationships that put God’s desires before physical ones glorify Him.  unhealthy relationships thrown in the garbage glorify Him too.

with that, I’m emptying the unhealthy portion of my life so that God can fill it with something glorious.

c’est la vie,


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