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on the last friday of 2008

Posted in life by chapwoman on December 26, 2008


the coffee shop atmosphere is my little heaven away from heaven.

i’m sitting in the library, this adorable seattle-esque cafe near downtown long beach, where college students and rich surgeons alike come to enjoy a bitter cup of warmth in comfy chairs. i like it because it reminds me of my grandma’s living room (that, and they serve the best butterscotch latte i’ve ever tasted), with bookshelves & real cedar as wallpaper, and the fragrance of coffee to keep me company. i simply feel at peace.

while home for breaks, i typically confine myself to the walls of my home in anaheim. but why? such interesting and mysterious characters call coffee shops their home, where dim lights keep them focused on the latest NY Times Best-Seller, where baristas catch up with you about how Christmas was this year, where the music is the best itunes mix you’ve heard in over a month, inspiring you to add new songs to your own library.

and fyi, i’m adding celine’s dion’s “falling into you” as soon as i get home.

christmas decorations are still hanging around here too, and i’m glad because they remind me that the new year is coming.  2009, already?! didn’t i just graduate high school? i guess. not.

and usually i fall victim to those horrible new year’s resolutions, but not this year. because 9 times out of 10, none of us actually keep our resolutions, let alone remember what they are. then we find ourselves in a cloud of guilt when we gain those 10 lbs instead of losing them. so i will not be a victim!

but i recently realized that i suck at taking pictures when they are most needed. so a friend of mine inspired me to start a project (not resolution) for 2009: take one picture everyday for a year. i’m gonna document something that i experience each day whether it’s a conversation, a pair of heels at the mall, or the color of the sky on the way to class.

if it fails to bring back specific memories of 2009, it’ll at least make one sweet collage.

c’est la vie,


the unextravagant christmas

Posted in life by chapwoman on December 25, 2008

i love:

sleeping in til 9, unwrapping presents as a family, reading Matthew & Luke on my bed, delivering hand-made chocolates to the neighbors, rain, the 91 freeway, chit-chatting at cousin Jill’s house, plowing the carbs and spinach dips, getting way too much money from relatives i only see once a year, jumping like a three-year-old during the laker game, food comas, napping in the car on the way home, backing up my files on the handy-dandy (and new) hard drive, chatting with friends via aim.

it’s been a good birthday for Jesus–i’m pretty sure He intended it to be this simple.

oh and, i’d like to experience a white christmas sometime.

so i’m moving to colorado :]

peace on earth,

ps. its days like today i wonder why i haven’t yet been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. i am such a sugar-whore.

07 christmas bash: success

Posted in life by chapwoman on December 23, 2008

my friends and i enjoyed a little high school holiday party/reunion last night at my place and it turned out really nice. around 40-some people showed up with a mug (for homemade cocoa & cider) and a special treat. the table was filled with everything from stuffed mushrooms to baklava to peppermint bark and it was all DELISH.  it was great reliving memories of Oxford and catching up with friends who’ve since become victims of my facebook-stalking.

Thank you to everyone who came! If you missed out, don’t fret, here are some snapshots:

so. much. foood





we should do this more often.

c’est la vie,

raging on beach blvd.

Posted in life by chapwoman on December 17, 2008


we all make poor decisions, and this was mine: i got in my toyota corolla when it was raining.

in case you’re not from southern california, we have a daily battle out there on the streets called TRAFFIC.  put a rain storm on top of our Golden State Driving Fiasco and it honestly becomes a do-or-die situation.  so why did i get into my car on a rainy day? clearly, i wasn’t thinking.

there’s something about LA traffic that just riles me up, bringing out emotions that i’m pretty sure God didn’t intend for the human race.  but these emotions inevitably come out when i’m on the road with a bunch of crazies.  now I’m not deeming myself the “world’s best driver” (because I’m not), but seriously people, channel your brain power.  especially when operating a vehicle. ESPECIALLY when it’s raining.

my first opponent on this paved battlefield is Mr. “I’m-not-gonna-look-over-my-shoulder-when-switching-lanes.” thanks to him, I almost got run off the road this morning… Seriously dude, can you just let me get to the post office safely? it’s only a block away from my house and I REALLY don’t need any of your sass.  luckily i channeled my mario-kart driving skills and quick-wittedly swerved to the left without any problems.

then there’s the genius who drives in the adjacent lane with her left-blinker on for half-a-mile:
“thank you for actually signaling before changing lanes,” i think to myself and give her plenty of room to merge.
“ummmm, i’m giving you plenty of room…go ahead.”
“no, i insist. you can merge whenever you’d like.”
“i’m going UNDER the speed limit just for you.  MOVE OVER ALREADY.”
then it hits me: “oooooooh. you just have your blinker on because you FORGOT YOU STILL HAVE IT ON from when you merged a mile ago.”
and then I speed up, angry that she didn’t take advantage of my polite gesture.

and my favorite: the cellular rebel. you know who I’m talking about: Mr. “I-have-an-important-business-call” dressed in an armani suit driving his black mercedes benz.  i’m pretty sure that the California State Law banning cell-phone usage includes you, buddy.  so GET OFF YOUR PHONE and drive like someone who passed their DMV test at some point in his life.  There’s no need to ride your brake; nobody’s in front of you.  Oh! no need to brake here either; the light’s green. Sir, you’re really not fooling anyone…you can obviously afford a bluetooth with that blackberry. Put one on your Christmas list for the sake of us law-abiding drivers.

from now on, i’m just gonna stay put in the safety of my home. no need for the automotive battle out there and definitely no need to bring out my road-rage.  this just can’t be good for my health…

C’est la vie,

oh shoot. i need to pick my sister up from school and it’s STILL raining…

pretty. odd.

Posted in life by chapwoman on December 13, 2008

this is odd.

no studying…
no studio…
no work…
no crusade…
no appointments…
no grocery store trips…

just all the time in the world to be at home with family & friends, to shop (gasp!), and watch TV (louder gasp!).  these next three weeks are gonna be PRETTY good :)

i knew God was holding out on me.

c’est la vie,