from such great heights

in the shadows I am

Posted in life by chapwoman on November 12, 2008

Lists. Made to make our lives just a tad bit neater.  Just look at all those items laid out precisely before your eyes: groceries you need to buy, items you want for Christmas, goals you strive to accomplish.

So simple

and yet

so complex.

Normally I’m a fan of lists, but never in the past two months have I actually enjoyed drawing a line across one of my to-do’s.  Though I like lists, life shouldn’t be one.  I shouldn’t have to make lunch appointments with close friends, I shouldn’t have to prioritize study time into every day of my week (not when I’m a student), I shouldn’t have to run to the grocery store at 7 in the morning on a Tuesday.  Life should NOT be a to-do list.

But with such a ridiculously busy Fall schedule, I feel myself slowly turning into a human calendar, scheduling every hour of my day for this and that and this person and that person, only to move on to the next to-do item.  And with a headache, I might add.

So I apologize if I haven’t been available lately.  I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth, I’ve just been running around in the shadows of San Luis Obispo.

C’est la vie,


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