from such great heights

colossians 1:17

Posted in life by chapwoman on October 12, 2008

the start of every year is always so awkward and strange, trying to find a balance among all the obligations, mapping a routine that makes at least some sense, grasping friends in one hand and schoolwork in the other.  the start of every year is nothing short of a puzzle.  and now that it’s week four, i have an idea how this sophomore puzzle is gonna piece together.

architecture is dragging. my older friends weren’t kidding when they said that 2nd year would be way. too. slow. it’s not exciting yet.  my studio teacher does the best he can (or does he?) to not stress us out, but there’s a fine line between kindness and apathy.  i want to learn something, i want to taste something different about architecture, i want to absorb everything i can about design.  so since i’m not getting that knowledge in my studio, i’m relying on materialicious & arch_daily.

campus crusade is encouraging. my apprehension of leading a freshmen study has been quelled by ten extremely insightful and passionate girls who love Jesus and what to know Him more.  God is just too good to me, i’m convinced.  i’m leading in Sequoia, the dorm i lived in last year, and the lessons are going really well so far. i’m super stoked to see how relationships will strengthen this year and where friendships will be sewn.

work is a blessing. i work for the dean of the business college on campus, doing what Andrea Sachs does in The Devil Wears Prada: all the errands, small copy jobs, invitations, thank you notes, etc etc.  fortunately, the women i work for are angels and so fun to interact with on a daily basis. God pretty much dropped this job in my lap, because i could not have searched for a better one with my own two eyes.

discipleship is blooming. meeting once a week with Kristen and Caellin is such a treat because i’m realizing how important it is to be myself around people.  i’m opening up a lot more this year than i ever have in my life (thanks to summer project) and it’s great to see more of who Kristen and Caellin are as well.  it’s exciting to see where God will route our d-ship because even though Kristen and I learned a tremendous amount at our summer projects, we still have so much more to learn about who He is.

friendships need watering. this year is pretty different from living in the dorms where i’d see the same faces every day. friendships take so much more effort and time (as they should), but they’re easy to neglect, especially with a jam-packed schedule.  i only have 4 hours of free time during my entire week this quarter, so i’m struggling to strengthen the friendships i already have and give life to ones i don’t yet.

on the other hand,

roommates are life-saving. together we have such fun. there’s no drama, no quarrels, no stress. the girls are actually stress-relieving, something i’m pretty sure can’t be said of most roommates. we have our apartment all decorated and functioning as it should for sophomore girls.  we even have meals down: each of us cooks one day of the week, which has been quite nice. Falafels & hummus, shrimp stir-fry, chicken cordon-bleu, to name a few…i can already smell your jealousy.

this year seems to be going by really fast though, at a pace i’m barely keeping up with.  midterm #1 is on Tuesday, a trip to San Fran on Thursday, and a 20th birthday on Saturday. the only thing really keeping me sane at this point, is the One and Only.  He holds everything together.

C’est la vie,


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