from such great heights

from sequoia to the canyon

Posted in life by chapwoman on September 27, 2008

week one: conquered.

well maybe “conquered” is the wrong word…hmm…”completed,” “never again,” “STRESSED.” something like that would suffice.

i didn’t realize how unprepared i was for the first week of class.  the cause? (because Kayla Chapman and “unprepared” are never in the same sentence) i never expected second-year to be so starkly different from the first.  i am still living on campus, i am still a cal poly student, i am still in architecture classes.  but EVERYTHING else is different.

what used to be a five-minute walk to Sequioa Hall is now a 15-minute hassle out to Poly Canyon (so I prefer the 5-minute bike ride).  i no longer have a “just swipe your card” meal plan and paying the high-costs of campus food with real money seems RIDICULOUS.  i have my own key to the architecture studio, which makes my room extremely tidy without drawings and pencils sprawled about the floor.  but the 130’s are over and studio just feels void without Brent, Keith, and 48 other awesome architecture friends.

i actually needed a backpack this year too!  go figure.  see why I was unprepared?

i absolutely love living in Poly Canyon though, with brand new everything and beautiful views, and I adore my roommates Brita, Maleesa, & Erin (who you will get to know piece-by-piece).  what i don’t love, however, is that i can’t see the faces i’m used to seeing everyday. i don’t have the fun conversations with those familiar people from Sequoia and from bible study when i walk down the hall.  our new buildings feel hotel-like, with doors closed and blank walls with their “freshly installed” smell.  so it makes me smile every time i see a familiar face on campus, whether it’s Kelsey who I rarely spoke to two doors down last year or Ross who I no-longer have architecture with.

but even though my first week of class as a second-year architecture student was stressful with class and work and bible study follow-up and studio and making dinners and hanging out with friends and crusade and walking, i got through it.  and that’s what God kept whispering to me all week: “don’t worry, you’re gonna make it.”

God is good, i am stressed, and this wheel keeps turning.

C’est la vie,


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