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Posted in life by chapwoman on September 16, 2008

my car’s packed.  JAM-packed.  every nook and cranny occupied by something: fabric softener, pillows, binders.

i’m quite proud of myself, actually.  I, Kayla Rochelle Chapman, have succeeded once again in stuffing a small space with a ridiculous amount of crap.  I’m considering making this a fall-back career: helping desperate college students across the US (most likely girls) fit all their belongings into teensy-weensy dorm rooms and vehicles.

i planned to take only the bare necessities with me tomorrow, since my parents were originally trailing behind me on Saturday morning with the rest of my things.  But plans change & they’re postponing for two weeks.  After I finished panicking at the realization that two weeks is NOT three days without certain luxuries (*cough guitar *cough), i fattened my corolla & now the poor thing is a low-rider.

i shall see how she fairs on the 405 tomorrow with LA road-ragers harassing her.

c’est la vie,

ps. LUMIX finally came home & is packed in one of the many cardboard boxes.


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  1. Partner for Life =) said, on September 17, 2008 at 10:01 am

    Yayyy!!! Off you go!! Good luck today!! Hope the move in goes smoothly!!! I’ll be praying for a kick butt week! hehe

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