from such great heights

in repair

Posted in life by chapwoman on September 6, 2008

so i took Lumix (my camera) into The Shop four-and-a-half weeks ago, and ever since, i’ve been coping with separation anxiety.

i adore this camera.  i’m not the kind of person who sends her marred graduation gifts into The Shop every day, but i was hoping to revive it, give it new life!

being the second and most-capable camera i’ve ever owned, Lumix has a special place in my heart.  he’s been with me since senior prom, capturing colorful gowns and beautiful smiles with a handy little flash that doesn’t “wash out” fair skin (amen!).  he was with me in k’auai, venturing through secret beach trails and freezing perfectly-exposed frames of the north shore on morning katamaran rides. he’s been with me ever since i started at cal poly, blessing me with the most crisp & up-close photos of my projects.

so a month without Lumix around has been kind of depressing. during Dale’s wedding, i defaulted to Karly’s canon whatever shot thing, and as I sat near that beautifully-lit alter i sighed, “what a shame.”

C’est la vie,


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