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life in transit

Posted in life by chapwoman on August 27, 2008

the word “communication” doesn’t settle well with me.

maybe it’s that i “communicate” with lots of people, but feel so alone during these summer months. i’m practically a castaway here in anaheim, where lots of once-familiar people and places have made their homes in my past.

maybe it’s that i “communicate” with most people via text, via facebook. facebook’s great and all, but doesn’t it just suck the life out of friends with funny giggles, unique facial expressions, and resonant voices? no matter how often I chat with friends online, i always end up watching their life play out in pictures from afar, from “tagged” photos, from profile pics. texting and facebook are intended to make “communication” more efficient, but i can’t help feeling like they’re doing me a disservice, trading real laughs over phone lines with a colon & parenthesis on a screen.

or maybe it’s that i’ve always been horribly awkward with “communication” in the initial stage of getting to know someone. what do we talk about? when do we establish good enough inside jokes? when do we label ourselves as “friends” or “a couple” or even “best friends?” i say, let’s just cut the crap and talk about something real, talk about what makes us tick, what makes us incredibly happy, what makes us. because how often do we actually have those kinds of conversations?

to be honest, all the truly valuable relationships in my life don’t involve that word. they involve something much deeper, called “growth.” communication doesn’t need growth to function properly; all it needs is a medium: an instant message, an iphone, an email. but growth, growth requires a whole array of ingredients like honesty, vulnerability, face-to-face & eye-to-eye contact.

so to all my friends who I have a real relationship with, who I’ve opened up to on long car rides and who have opened up to me over long-distance phone signals, i am so blessed to have you in my life.

and to those friends I lack a true bond with, let’s make plans.

: )


in full swing

Posted in life by chapwoman on August 23, 2008

summer, that is. i love all this free time God rewards me with when I’m not working.

_breakie at a cute cafe with Jessi
_adventurous shopping trips at ikea & slurping sorbetto with Anna
_sketching bookcases to build for my room this year
_surfing the web at my patio table while listening to miss caillat
_quilt shopping on urban’s website
_one final chat over coffee with Alaska before she moves back to school
_solo jam sessions en mi guitarra.

summer’s only appropriate for some activities, like drinking strawberry lemonade and riding my bike to the park. longboarding at the beach and reading on the porch swing. this tastes so sweet.

c’est la vie,

week nine

Posted in life by chapwoman on August 17, 2008

my attitude during summer usually goes as follows:

week 1 – i’m free!!!
week 2 – the beach is sooo much better in June
week 3 – high school friends are amazing
week 4 – i’m loving this “no class” thing
week 5 – SUMMER
week 6 – SUMMER!
week 7 – SUMMER!!
week 8 – SUMMER!!!
week 9 – i’m bored. when does school start?
week 10 – seriously, when does school start?
week 11 – in three weeks?!?!
week 12 – uh oh.

C’est la vie,

that was easy?

Posted in life by chapwoman on August 9, 2008

so i’m a temporary employee at [drum roll]….staples. yes, i wear the red polo and live by the motto “that was easy.” i ring customers–all day. ALL day.

i’ve never hated a job, but I’m pretty close to using the “H” word about this one.

see the cool thing about working at a day camp means you’re paid to play with kids. at an architectural firm you learn about the profession you’re genuinely interested in, even if you file for hours. at starbucks you chat with “regulars” and relax in coffee shop land.

but at staples, you stand for your entire shift, scanning and bagging, enduring the groans of customers and promoting a stupid rewards program. i thought i was hired to sell office supplies…but a rewards program too? that only a few customers actually use? Grrrreat.

thankfully it’s back-to-school season, so that means my shifts will whiz by hour after hour. and thankfully, i’m only there for another five weeks. let the countdown begin.

c’est la vie,