from such great heights

spring-cleaning meets summer.

Posted in life by chapwoman on July 23, 2008

9:00 AM

“how bad is it? really? you can be totally honest…my teeth are worse than I’ve ever seen them.”

“i promise i’m not usually this bad with them, but I was in Palm Springs when I was supposed to come in for my check-up. You know, back in MARCH.”

“and I can explain the stains…they’re from all that on-campus coffee I’d been drinking. because every architecture student drinks coffee.”

“can you just clean them please? I’ve been too embarrassed to smile for a couple months now…”

thankfully Lori, my hygienist, was completely understanding of my 4-month delay and my excuses. she even chuckled at my eagerness to get my teeth cleaned.


10:00 AM

my gums hurt. NO. they kill. they’re swollen, they’re red, they’re wounded. serves me right.



C’est la vie,


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