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Posted in life by chapwoman on July 19, 2008

its been a week since I’ve been home from summer project, but ugh, it feels like i’ve been home for months. most of that attributes to the fact that I’ve been doing a whole lot of NOTHING since last Saturday.

i’ve learned the lifestyle of a hermit. i haven’t adapted to it, but I’ve learned it. problem is: i have no cash inflow at the moment, so i can’t just hop in my car and drive somewhere because that requires gasoline, which requires about 4 dollars and 30 cents a gallon (!) these days. i’ve become a cheap, frugal, pathetic human being who can’t eat out with friends, who can’t drive 7 miles to the beach to surf in the mornings, who can’t shop (even though Nordstrom is having a MASSIVE sale right now…), who can’t even drive over to her friends’ houses to say “hey, I’m home now.”

nonetheless it’s been an interesting week, this week full of nothingness, because my life usually involves the word “nonstop.” i’ve done things that i normally wouldn’t have time to do, like read this really great book Velvet Elvis, and organize all my things still stored in boxes from moving out of my dorm, and play the guitar, and exercise (ooh how i love cardio boot camp), and finish my architecture portfolio. you know that feeling when life just gets so busy and you find yourself saying, “If only I didn’t have A, B, C, D, E, and F to do right now, I’d totally relax and do ______?” this week, I’ve actually had time to fill in the blank. it’s pretty refreshing.

as for JOB news, it’s likely that i’ll be one of Quiksilver’s newest team members. lol, figures right?

C’est la vie,


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