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doing what spider monkeys do

Posted in life by chapwoman on June 25, 2008

until you find yourself sitting on top of a mountain looking out at God’s beautiful creation, then we can talk. i’ve discovered how sweet rock-climbing really is this week, REAL rock-climbing. the “strap-yourself-into-a-rope-and-feel-the-granite-on-your-fingertips” rock-climbing. none of that indoor nonsense.

the past two days I’ve gone climbing with the same group of ten that I went backpacking with last week, and it has been SWEET. initially, I was strattling the line between excitement and apathy for climbing rocks, but after experiencing it first hand, I’ve fallen in love the sport. i love everything about it, which seldom happens when I try something once. i love how my toes get scrunched into the tight-fitting climbing shoes and make me feel like a ballerina when I wear them. i love how my finger tips rash a pinkish-red after scaling 90 feet of raw granite. i love how i struggle in certain crags for five minutes only to scurry up the course like a spider monkey once i find the right handle-holds. i’ve stumbled onto one of God’s secret pleasures.

think about that though. people actually scale mountains in the open air and play on this jungle gym God created for us. i asked one of my leaders today if rangers created the convenient crevices to grab onto for climbing, (because come on, they just seem too conveniently placed for our hands to be natural) and she answered that the rocks were formed how they’re formed. that’s so sweet. no wonder people climb rocks; there is so much to discover and conquer.

that’s exactly how I felt when I was sitting at the top of Lily Lake’s boulders at two this afternoon, overlooking an enormous green valley resting at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. I discovered a unique path just for me to reach the top, conquering a seemingly-impossible climb. At the top, I could practically reach out and touch the clouds. so I snapped some photos, chalked my hands, and repelled down the mountain like a spider once more.

c’est la vie,


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  1. karen said, on June 27, 2008 at 10:33 am

    Oh my gosh! I can’t believe that I’ve found this blog! My daughter (who shall remain nameless at this point) is on this same trip with you! I hope (I know) you’ll all experience th opportunity of a lifetime!

    May God guide your jouneys during this wondrous event!

    ps. Keep the photos coming!

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