from such great heights

hold me back.

Posted in life by chapwoman on June 9, 2008

You know that slight discomfort you feel in the pit of your stomach right before something huge happens in your life?  Something that will cause grief, something that will rock your routine, something  that will send you who knows where?  Yeah, it’s definitely hanging out in the pit of my stomach.

After spending three hours at Linnaea’s studying with Maleesa & Lo Lo, I came back to find my roommate’s stuff all out in the hallway.  “Katie!” I yelled.  “That’s a TON of stuff.”  And I hesitated to open my door, knowing  exactly how the scene would play out.  Yep, her side was bare.  No more red star hanging above her bed, no more Little Miss Sunshine poster, no more piles of clothes or shoes on the floor.  Not gonna lie, my heart fell into my stomach and it’s yet to climb out.  Fortunately, Katie’s not moving out officially until Thursday, so I’m gonna savor these last few days of roommate-ness.

The reality of moving out is finally hitting me and I’m trying to hold back the tears.  Friday is NOT gonna be a good day.

C’est la vie,


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