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one in the afternoon

Posted in life by chapwoman on May 8, 2008

It’s become a daily routine. I unlock my door and open it to a room that is stuffy and dark with windows closed and blinds down.  I glance to the left corner and find my roommate (often with the boyfriend) tucked under her sheets.  And my clock reads 1:15 pm. PM.  As in afternoon.  As in YOU SHOULD BE AWAKE by now.

If you have ever shared a room or have ever been in a similar position, you know what this scenario feels like.  You are 1. ashamed for opening the door too hastily & loudly, 2. embarrassed that you live with someone who doesn’t have a normal sleeping pattern, and 3. annoyed that you have to be in this nocturnal mindset at one in the freaking afternoon.

I’ve actually enjoyed this freshman experiment, the experience of living on my own, living in the dorms with complete strangers, and living with Katie.  I think having roommates are one of those aspects which really build your character; they teach you that you’re not entirely normal, that you’re paranoid about the dumbest stuff, that you need to look beyond yourself and see the world from another pair of eyes.

Katie and I have this really interesting relationship of detached adoration for each other.  We both appreciate each other, but seldom admit it. I don’t understand her sarcastic sense of humor or her friends.  I don’t understand how she can let 2 weeks worth of laundry pile up on her bed and never think about simply throwing it all in the empty hamper waiting patiently in her closet.  I don’t understand how she never gets nervous about starting architecture projects 8 hours before they’re due.  We get ready in the morning before architecture without saying a word to each other.  We laugh hysterically at the stupid things we hear as people walk by in the hallway.  We gossip viciously about our neighbors and annoying co-Sequoians.  We have intense conversations about life at 2 in the morning before finally surrendering to our heavy eyelids.

I appreciate Katie and I’m glad we have had such an interesting journey through our first year of college together.  She’s the first person I’ve ever shared a room with and I’m the first person she’s ever shared a room with. Probably the last…haha.  But for some reason, next year when I open my door to a bright sun-light room with my bed made at 1 in the afternoon, I think I’m gonna miss this strange darkness and playing this game of midday silence.

And I think she’ll miss walking into a room with a well-made bed and clean floor.  Oh college.

C’est la vie,


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  1. johnnypeepers said, on May 8, 2008 at 1:08 pm

    Katie has different priorities and needs than you do. You will always look back favorably on this period of your life, though in the meantime you will detest many people in your proximity for a number of reasons. Social adjustment is tough when you are thrown together with people whose goals, cleanliness, and social interaction skills vary with yours. It is the buffet of life though. Accept them for who they are – you can never change anyone.

  2. Arjun said, on May 8, 2008 at 1:15 pm

    Haha wow, thats such a good college thing. Like you alays end up with a basically opposite roommate that you end up loving.

    Keep writing:D

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