from such great heights

May it be.

Posted in life by chapwoman on April 30, 2008

So April flew by without warning me and I’m still processing that May is already upon me. In 40 minutes.

May is a very special 31 days of the year and it’s taken me the blink of April to realize it. May is the 5th month of the year, which basically says, “hey! get your year together. you only have 7 months left.” It’s the month of birthdays. LOTS of birthdays, including those of my beloved Alaska, roommate, and an embarrassing high school infatuation. In this month we celebrate our mothers, we celebrate some type of Memorial, we celebrate an entire dia de mayo for another culture.

The past couple of years, I’ve remembered May as being the heaven and hell of AP Tests and prom, so this year I want to cherish it and cherish what I have remaining of my freshman year. Because I’m a fan of to-do lists, I’ve made one for this month:

_go to Farmer’s Market at least once (which should be tomorrow)
_hike Poly Canyon at night to go stargazing
_wear NO makeup (yes, I agreed to No Makeup May) and gain appreciation for the cosmetic industry
_beach it. and tan.
_curl up with a good book.
_have a picnic!
_meet strangers and start some new friendships.

Hopefully my unhealthiness going into May won’t be a constant. But seriously, who gets sick in the springtime? I don’t think I’ve ever gotten sick after February in my life. I’m kinda bitter about that…especially when head colds seem to get worse as I age. But with an architecture trip to beautiful San Francisco to see sweet buildings and sweet friends, all should be well. I’m still trying to raise support for summer project (57% raised so far), I’m still waking up at 7 am for speech on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I’m still in shock that I’m only a freshman for 44 more days.

C’est la vie,


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