from such great heights

falling into place.

Posted in life by chapwoman on April 16, 2008

The girl who made my sandwich on campus today told me I reminded her of Lindsay Lohan. I’m not sure how I feel about that one…haha.

I’ve gotten Alicia Silverstone from Clueless, Lauren Conrad from Laguna Beach & The Hills, and Drew Barrymore (when I was brunette). But only once did I get Lindsay Lohan and that from my kooky pre-calculus teacher in high school, so I never thought much of it.

But now, shoot.

In other news:

I went to Women’s Retreat for Campus Crusade this past weekend in Santa Barbara and it was just a breath of fresh air. Much needed fresh air. The girls I bonded with, activities we played, songs we sang, all brought me a tidbit closer to understanding who God is. He’s just so…everything. I really can’t explain, but my booklet from retreat has gobs of notes lining the pages.

God is slowly piecing things together for me in terms of summer project, housing for next year, and even the goals I set at the beginning of this year. I think God gets amused by me when I tell Him my plans–I’m finding that He changes them faster than I can explain or comprehend. Just ask me, I’ll tell you exactly who I am, what I believe, what I want; but just wait a couple weeks and ask me again. People say that “you really learn who you are in college,” but I always had a problem with that because I was so sure I already knew.

Yeah, guess not.

I have no idea where I was going with this post, but I guess that’s okay because I have no idea where I am going period. I see all the pieces falling into place, I’m just not sure where they’re gonna land.

C’est la vie,


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