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two down, thirteen to go.

Posted in life by chapwoman on March 23, 2008

“Life moves fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” -Ferris Bueller

It’s kinda chilling how quickly winter quarter flew by. I definitely was on campus more weekends than I wanted to be, but that made no difference to the fast-paced passage of time. Don’t understand how that can be, since first quarter seemed to trudge by slowly.

But winter quarter was a good quarter, despite the rainy, cold homesick(and friendsick)ness. I managed to kick booty in woodshop, impress my architecture professors, discover some yummy ethnic restaurants in town, and grow closer with my future roommates and bible study girls. I managed to keep a routine workout schedule (and recently developed an obsession with jogging through Poly Canyon), abstain from every ounce of chocolate (consciously at least), and lose 4 lbs…(lol how did I do that???) I managed to steal a kiss on Valentine’s Day, meet someone new in the bookstore, and avoid Randall as much as humanly possible. Not bad, not bad.

I grew a lot closer to God this quarter too. I started going to Campus Crusade’s Unplugged (and absolutely love it), started reading my bible and doing devotionals before going to sleep, and started relying on prayer for answers. Update on Summer btw: I’m going to Colorado for summer project! I am also being discipled by Caellin, my bible study leader, this next quarter so who knows how God’s going to use me in that situation. He totally answered my prayers and I’m unbelievably stoked.

Moving right along aren’t we?

On Thursday afternoon before driving home, I had a slight breakdown in the realization that freshman year will be over in 13 weeks. what. the. fuh-cuk. How can that be?! My friend Kelsey across the hall moved out that day too, since she’ll be studying abroad in Thailand for Spring. It was like a flash-forward of what Sequoia will look like the next time finals roll around. So one of my goals for spring is to really establish some lasting friendships with people. I’m worried that after June, I’ll just see some of my hall-mates on campus and wave and that’ll be it. I can’t deal with that. I’ve met some amazing people in the dorm and would like substantial relationships with them.

Two quarters down, thirteen to go!

C’est la vie,

ps. Happy Easter & have a relaxing spring break!

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