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Posted in life by chapwoman on March 18, 2008

“Good habits result from resisting temptation.” -Ancient Proverb

Bad habits. That basically characterizes life in the dorm this year… I remember thinking to myself as a high school senior that I would start taking care of these bad habits, these imperfections of hygiene, but yeah. That never really happened.

1. Biting my nails–I’ve been biting them since I could chew. For all the non-nail-biters out there, here’s the lowdown: I don’t bite them because they taste good (because they don’t) or because I have an anxiety problem (because I don’t). I know it’s disgusting & want to stop, but it’s always been a part of my life; I do it without even noticing. A few years ago I attempted giving my nails up for lent, but that lasted a mere two weeks before I realized that some nails had fresh, jagged edges. When did that happen?

2. Flossing–Never grew up with flossing as part of my morning routine. It took some sleepovers at Kayleigh’s house to realize that flossing is kinda important. I don’t even remember Karly and I having flossing cartridges around our bathroom growing up, but now that I’m in college, I really started making that part of my morning after brushing my teeth. Unfortunately, I used the last thread of my Oral-B minty wax floss and ever since, my teeth have scowled at me for using some cheap brand from Campus Market.

3. Wearing the night guard–I’m a teeth-grinder by heredity. My mom’s teeth are pretty flat these days, so to prevent me from 1) an aching jaw in the mornings, and 2) flat teeth when I’m her age, I wear a night-guard. My dentist presented it to me all shiny & clean in this cute turquoise container, similar to retainer cases. And I was pumped to start wearing it instead of my pink retainer from 8th grade that has some gnarly bends and deformations from misuse. And with all new (demanded) habits, like wearing a night guard or retainer, I actually followed through. At first. These days the case just sits in the top drawer of my night stand with no plasticky guard inside. I forget to bring it back into my room after cleaning it in the mornings…

I’m making a vow to change these pitfalls during Easter Break, so wish me luck and faithfulness. Down with the bad habits!
C’est la vie,

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