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Posted in life by chapwoman on March 8, 2008

“Today is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” -Psalm 118:24

it’s coming home for the weekend that really makes you appreciate the little things in life. like the pleasant scent your house carries that you can smell right when you get out of the car. homemade cookies; I don’t know, but they taste way better than cookies made in our dorm kitchen. your own bathroom. own bed.

my weekend’s been interesting to say the least. actually went for a run the past two days. go figure…since when do i like jogging? haha. disneyland with karly yesterday, san clemente this afternoon, waitress spilling iced tea all over mom, new rainbows, girl scout cookies, choir show tonight with alaska, desert afterward with La La, sunset beach manana. home just tastes so good.

unfortunately, coming home has also made me realize the not-so-great details about my family. i’ve always known my family to be generally negative about things, but seriously. i’m gonna lose my mind if i hear my dad complain about the neighbors anymore, my mom about her job, and my sister about mom and dad. life isn’t really that bad. i kinda wish i had a superpower to put people in good moods, to make their mouths close when they even start complaining about something.

in happier news: Easter is two sundays from tomorrow! can you even wait for spring break? i can practically smell it with all these strawberry stands on street corners, flowers blooming, and sun staying out longer (daylight savings ends tonight, btw). laying out in the sun in palm springs sounds AMAZING right now.

c ‘est la vie,

ps. i would like suggestions for a book to read over break. have any good ones? nothing too heavy or depressing though…it’s not winter anymore.

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