from such great heights

what keeps me awake at night

Posted in life by chapwoman on March 6, 2008

“If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.” -Alyson Richele Hold

I have no idea why I’m still up at 1:55 in the morning. I remember a time when I never stayed up past 11…how did I do it?

Maybe I’m still awake because I was meant to tell you what’s on my mind. At 2 am. Listening to Thomas Newman.

The future is on my mind, both near and far. What I’ll be doing this glorious weekend at home in Anaheim, how Karly & I will be relaxing without a care in Palm Springs for Easter Break, where I’ll be this summer, who God will lead me to meet, everything. Particularly, anticipation of summer keeps me awake at night. God’s telling me that this summer will be different, so the form & shape that will take, I’ll just have to wait and see. I’m hoping this summer will amount to more than just working and taking a few summer classes to get ahead of the bizarre curriculum and registration fiascoes here at Cal Poly. Participating in a summer project seems like an incredible opportunity, so I applied to one in the Rockies of Colorado. On a whim, I know; but lately spontaneity’s taking me over. I was also on the cusp of studying abroad in Peru this summer, exploring the ancient ruins of the Incas, hablando espanol todos los dias, experiencing life outside the United States. But after much thought and realzing that I don’t actually own a passport, next summer will be more climactic. I just feel so enclosed by mundaneness lately that I need to get out, NEED to step outside my comfort zone.

That seems to be the theme of this year, at least in Campus Crusade (the ministry on campus). God’s pointing me somewhere, opening my eyes to new people and places, so I’ll gladly go.

C’est la vie,

ps. what’s God been whispering (or yelling) to you lately? any interesting plans for summer? spring? the weekend?


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