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Posted in life by chapwoman on March 3, 2008

“Coffee makes us severe, and grave, and philosophical.” -Jonathan Swift

Today was a great day.

Not only did I wake up to beautiful San Luis sunshine, but I enjoyed it at ocean-front breakfast with Anna & her parents in Avila. And I ventured into the world of waffles, for Anna’s persuasive sake, of course. I’m a total pancake girl, but I have to admit, that Belgian waffle was full of maply and buttery deliciousness.

Fortunately, waffles at the beach are not what made today great.  If they were, my life would be pretty lame…haha.

Today I had a catch-up conversation over coffee with my good friend Dale. Dale is a psychology senior who has basically been my guardian angel since I started at Cal Poly. I worked with her at Sea Coast Grace Summer Day Camp for three years, but didn’t really get to know her until we started swapping stories about San Luis the summer before my senior year. If I had to describe her in three words, they’d be “Godly, Smiling, and Sincere.”

We ventured downtown to Uptown, one of the best coffee shops in San Luis. If you haven’t been, go. Now. They make an amazing butterscotch latte and offer the perfect spots for a meaningful chat. Of all the times we’ve met for coffee and caught up on life, I’d never really known Dale’s opinion of her experience in college; she’d mostly told me stories or matters of fact. So it was refreshing to hear exactly what she thought of each year in college, to take in her advice about being a Christian on campus and how to build on friendships made in the dorms of freshman year. It’s just relieving to know that somebody is here at school with me who knows exactly what I’m going through and cares enough to steer me in the right direction. God put Dale in my life for a reason and in many ways I haven’t taken complete advantage of her wisdom and seniority at Cal Poly. We really need to start having lattes more often.

Ah, coffee…how I love thee.

Tomorrow, my future roommates and I are visiting Dale’s house to see if it’s a potential home for our sophomore year and I’m really excited. I just hope my roommates like it! Housing in SLO is NOT easy to find, so I think God’s definitely blessing us with this great opportunity…especially since it’s close to campus, cheaper than the housing we originally wanted, and much larger. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Hello Week 9.

C’est La Vie,


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