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red, pink, & white all over

Posted in life by chapwoman on February 13, 2008

“Never sign a Valentine with your own name.” -Charles Dickens

It’s kind of sad that the only time I have to blog in my entire day is at 12:30 in the morning. My life the past two weeks, basically. My head feels like a tornado just swept through it, but I’m sure that was just cloud of stress. I’m really looking forward to Thursday because 1) it means that there’s no school the next day, and 2) it’s the day of romance (or something like it).

I never know how to respond to Valentine’s Day. It’s a cute holiday with all the red, pink, and white floating around, and it just makes me want to decorate my room. It’s fun because you exchange creative cards with jokes, candy hearts, and smiles with that one person who normally would think it’s awkward. But it’s also S.A.D. (Singles’ Awareness Day) and of course, reveals to me how starkly independent I am year after year. It’s kind of amazing that a holiday so easily overlooked, can trigger a gamut of emotions for everyone.

So in the spirit of Saint Valentine, let’s assess our situation:

I’m single. For my 19th consecutive Valentine’s Day. At the beginning of this month, I firmly decided that February 14th shall be known as “National Wear Black Day,” but now I’m taking a new outlook. I’ve been single my whole life, so why wear black now? Why this Valentine’s Day? Especially when presently, life is so beautiful and unbinding. Maybe it’s the fact that I will have a Valentine this year. Or that God has introduced me to an intriguing new stranger. Or that I have amazing friends in my life right now. I can’t possibly wear black in a blessed life like this.

Usually I sulk with my girlfriends about how we don’t have boyfriends and whatever, but really? Please. I feel like I’m still finding a rhythm in this jumbled up college chaos, so adding a significant other to my schedule would throw off my balance. Even though I’d love to have someone to cuddle up watch the Notebook with, I love my “no strings attached” self right now. Even though I’m hardcore crushing on M [as he shall be known for future reference], it’s so whatever and not serious at all. I know one of God’s greatest virtues is patience, so I’ll gladly wait until that day he introduces me to someone amazing. He’s holding out on me, I know it.

That’s my current status. I’m down for a good time, so let’s dance.
J’aime la vie,


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