from such great heights

apparently, I need a windbreaker.

Posted in life by chapwoman on February 8, 2008

“if it’s all just luck, it was tough enough/if we lost some time, then we’ll make it up.” -Maria Taylor

I never realized how windy it gets up here in San Luis. I always imagined it to just be beautiful and sunny all the time, but definitely not windy. Some days the breeze is so strong that when I’m walking down to Dexter, I feel if someone were to push me, I’d do the whole Jack & Jill routine and roll all the way downhill. And probably take out some people (Like those ridiculous skateboarders).

To be quite honest, I’m not a fan of wind. Not the strong currents at least. And the worst feeling is when you’re walking/standing and your hair blows in front of your face & you can’t see a thing, you feel as though God’s blowing you away like a dandelion. That’s just not cool, being pushed away, rushed passed by something.

That’s the feeling I’ve had all week. It’s rushing passed me and I can’t keep up–unbelievably frustrating. How do you let this Time vs. To-Do List play out? I’ve tried staying up late, waking up early, rushing here, rushing there, having fun, doing homework instead…I’ve tried to find a balance, but here I am with a bajillion things to do. Still.


and pray. lol

But I keep thinking to myself, is it really that bad being this occupied? It only gets worse as you age right? That’s kinda depressing to think that in a few years, I’ll look back on my freshman year and say, “those were the golden years” or something old-fogey-ish like that.

I just hope that this week’s sandstorm cools down into an afternoon breeze sometime soon.

C’est la vie,

ps. tonight I discovered that I have a favorite worship song. It’s called Marvelous Light. listen asap.


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